In its recent discussion paper “A safe and just space for humanity – can we live within the doughnut?“ prepared for the upcoming Rio+20 meeting, Oxfam presents a multidimensional perspective on the factors involved in creating  “an environmentally safe and socially just space for humanity to thrive in”  though puts less emphasis on the negative externalities of livestock than it did in “Growing a better future: Food justice in a resource constrained world.”  It does, however, mention that:

“The European Union – home to just 7 per cent of the world’s population – uses up 33 per cent of the globally sustainable nitrogen budget simply to grow and import animal feed, while many Europeans eat far more meat and dairy products than is suitable for a healthy diet.”

The graphic below represents the authors’ vision of “the social, environmental and economic priorities that underpin inclusive and sustainable development,” recognizing that growth and ecology can and must go hand in hand. Unfortunately, their model does not give weight to the well-being of the tens of billions of farm animals that are involved in global food production.


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