The Issue

Global livestock production, which is rooted primarily in the consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy, continues to rise despite the many negative effects that it has on: 1) humans [food insecurity, water insecurity, chronic diet-related health problems, inequity], 2) animals [low welfare in confinement, transport, slaughter], and 3) the planet [pollution, resource exhaustion, climate change]. The international community has been slow to recognize these impacts, though an increasing number of national governments and multilateral organizations are beginning to give weight to the issue.

After an interesting and well-attended conference in October of 2012, we decided to maintain this group as an informal focal point for sharing ideas related to this very multi-disciplinary topic. We are interested in a critical, fact-based discussion of the negative externalities associated with animal-based diets and the possibility of making global food systems more humane, equitable, sustainable, climate-friendly, and human rights-friendly, so feel free to leave comments and links both here and on our Facebook page.

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