Past Events

“Global Diet and Sustainability: Assessing the Negative Externalities of Animal Agriculture” was the title of our conference in New York City on 10/12/12 that explored livestock’s global impacts. We also created a reading group for summer of 2012 to stimulate ideas for the event planning committee and for the material on this site’s blog.

Participating organizations:

Brighter Green 

Humane Society International 

A Well-Fed World

The Association for International Development [AID}



Our Facebook page has links to the texts we looked at this summer. Some of those writings were the focus of postings on this website’s blog.

Topics discussed include:

Climate change
-land-use change
-greenhouse gas emissions
Resource use
-livestock feed, rangeland
Water/air pollution
-waste management
Agricultural policy
-The Farm Bill
-farm subsidies
-Food aid
2007-2008 food price hike
-Food security
-Peak meat
History of factory farming
Global perspectives (local, national, multilateral, private, public)
Animal welfare
-confinement. transport, slaughter
-legal protections
-the ethics of consuming animal products
Alternative farming techniques
-Ethical livestock practices? Veganism?
-Agroforestry, organic farming, local distribution, veganics
Public health
-Chronic diet-related disease
Occupational safety
Role of livestock for smallholder farmers in the developing world
Other food issues
-pesticide/fertilizer use
-food miles
-carbon footprint
-corporate control of the food chain